Joannie enjoys the simple pleasures in life, like riding her bike down a hill and feeling the wind flow through her hair, line dancing in pleasant company, sampling the relative virtues of countryside hot dog stands' homemade French fries, lazy summer days, jigsaw puzzles comprised of less than 100 pieces, bawling her heart out at the movies, fawning over little dogs, mismatched chinaware and ostentatious headgear.

Now that she is an adult, Joannie hopes to finish her tour of every country in the world. This is necessary to provide her with a continuous supply of the awe and amazement she feels upon encountering the poetry of daily life (and might just turn her into a polyglot via osmosis).

She splits her time between her two passions, photography and documentary filmmaking, and her involvement with senior communities. Joannie lives, works and plays in Montreal – but has been known to escape to faraway places.

514 803 0604